Sample Speaking Topics

All of our speaking appearances are customized to meet the interests of our audiences. To provide some ideas, we note some of our recent topics and titles.

Keynote Addresses

(generally 25-40 minutes)

Discovering Scientific, Technical, Engineering and Mathematical Women — The accomplishments of pioneering women engineers, scientists, and inventors over the course of U.S. history are presented.

Diversity and Inclusion: Women in Her Story — A presentation that honors the accomplishments of women throughout U.S. history across all ethnicities and all fields of endeavor.

Genealogy and Legacy: Women Writing Themselves Into History — A presentation that focuses the audience on thinking about how their leadership will define their legacy.

Role Models: You Go Girl! —  A presentation for middle school or high school students that highlights women and girls from Her Story whose first accomplishment took place when they were pre-teens, teenagers, or very young adults.

Black Women Who Changed America — A presentation that focuses on the accomplishments of black women in U.S. history from the early 1600s through the present day across many fields of endeavor.

Susan B. Anthony and the Suffragists: Failure is Impossible — Focuses on the history of women’s voting rights in the U.S., the 72-year fight for women to get the vote, and the accomplishments of women in politics since 1920.

Women Work for Sustainable Change — Women’s contributions to key areas of history including social movements, war, and business form the basis of this talk.

Discovering Jewish Women — A presentation that focuses on the accomplishments of Jewish women throughout U.S. history in many areas of endeavor including the arts, business, education, politics, and science.

Women Leaders:  The Power of the Women On Whose Shoulders We Stand — Specific historical women whose accomplishments epitomize aspects of leadership that would be desirable for women of the 21st century to emulate are emphasized.

Women Taking the Lead to Save our Planet — The many women who have made a difference in saving our planet and their environmental leadership are featured.

Women Who Network:  The Power of Women to Create Her Story — Central to this presentation is how women have changed the culture and economy of the U.S. throughout its history through their networking and leadership.

Women Who Write and Publish:  Putting Her Story into History — This talk tells how the idea for Her Story came about and the importance of recognizing women throughout U.S. history.  Much of the “back story” and the process of securing an agent and a publisher are discussed.

You Can Do It!  The Keys are Passion, Determination and Persistence. –  Women have made significant contributions to the quality of life and standard of living that we enjoy in the U.S. today.  Those contributions often came in spite of people who told them that women didn’t or couldn’t or shouldn’t.  Who would have believed that the fight for women’s right to vote would take 72 long years?  These contributions took passion, determination and persistence.  Today’s women can learn much from the amazing women on whose shoulders we stand.


(requires one or more hours)

Writing Yourself Into History: An interactive audience-focused workshop. The leadership characteristics of women profiled in Her Story are identified. The audience explores whether they currently have those same types of traits and ways to acquire them. This presentation can also be expanded to develop the leadership legacy of those in attendance.[/twocol_one]

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