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Entertainment Realm“Her Story” reviewed on Entertainment Realm

From its first entry [Virginia Dare, first child born on American soil, 1587] to its last [Drew Gilpin Faust, named first female president of Harvard University, 2007], Her Storycontains an impressive collection…

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SWE Magazine Cover“Her Story” reviewed in the Spring 2009 SWE Magazine

This year, during Women’s History Month, read up on the remarkable engineering women who made and are making history; and let book, magazine and Web publishers know that we want more.

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Prism Magazine - Home PAge


“Her Story” reviewed in the November 2008 Edition of the Online Magazine PRISM


The machine that folds paper bags with flat, square bottoms was invented in 1870 by Margaret Knight, only one of more than 850 women featured in a new book, Her Story: A Timeline of the Women Who Changed America. The 272-page, impressively illustrated book marks women’s achievements in a variety of areas, including technology, academia, politics and sports.

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Women's Leagal History Review Project Review“Her Story” Reviewed by Women’s Legal History Biography Project, September 3, 2008

New book that is quite a lovely read: Her Story: A Timeline of Women Who Changed America by Charlotte S. Waisman and Jill S. Tietjen (Harper Collins, 2008).

The book is a beautiful, annotated (with text, photographs and illustrations) timeline. The works cited at the back of the book would be an excellent research starting point for any biographer. Also, the index of subjects is subdivided by profession — very handy!

Click here to view the complete review. Book Review“Her Story” Reviewed for, July 28, 2008

An excellent documentation of the contributions of 2000 American women from 1580 to 2008, many of whom have not been previously celebrated or recognized.

Among the many things that make Her Story distinctive is the inclusion of hundreds of lesser-known women, including their photographs, from all walks of life that have broken barriers and created paths of noteworthy and inspiring achievement.

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Feminist Review - Reviews Her Story A Timeline“Her Story” Reviewed for Feminist Review, June 24, 2008

Her Story is a timeline illustrating the accomplishments of American women, beginning in 1587 with the introduction of Virginia Dare and ending in 2007 amid the usual suspects, like Oprah Winfrey, as well as a variety of current female political and industry leaders. The book contains a lot of pictures with a short blurb about each person and occasionally a general relevant fact about a time period – such as The Women’s Peace Party’s founding in 1915. The layout of the book takes some getting used to; the pages seem overly busy at first, but it doesn’t take long for the little snippets of information coupled with terrific photographs to take over the reader’s attention and by the end of the book, it seems a perfect way to display the information.

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National women's Hall of Fame — summer 2008“Her Story” Featured in the Summer 2008 National Women’s Hall of Fame Newsletter

This beautiful and comprehensive book chronicles centuries of women’s awesome achievement, and opens with a forward by Madeleine Albright. The illustrated timeline and photographs highlight both well-known and – lesser-known women who have contributed to our country.

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UVA EngineerU.Va. Engineer — The Alumni Magazine of the School of Engineering and Applied Science

Honoring Women
Her Story is reviewed in the U.Va. Engineer.

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Reader Reviews

I have completed reading and viewing "Her Story" and frankly I am amazed by the elegance. I turned the pages as you instructed. It is a work of art and you both deserve major recognition and should be duly proud of its presentation.

Keith Krause, San Diego, CA

My son is in 1st grade and he was telling me about the book they are reading in school; each page is a small biography about someone important in US history. He mentioned Sacajawea was the only woman in his book. I began to tell him that there were plenty of other honorable women who have made US history. When he asked me for examples I promptly got your book and we sat down together to read it. He was impressed and we made a promise that we would read 2 pages every night together. Now not only will I be learning more about special women but my son will have that opportunity as well.

Heide Garrigan

You can't imagine how perfect this book [ Her Story: a Timeline of the Women Who Changed America] is for me right now and how much I appreciate it! I'm starting a therapy support group at UCI's Senior Health Center for women over 65 who are experiencing age related depression and anxiety.

The group is called the WOW Group which stands for Wise Old(er) Women and the focus is on celebrating the wisdom that comes with aging and life experience and empowering women to access their inner wisdom. There will be a strong spiritual piece to it and I'll include many cultural and historical archetypes of the wise old woman. I've been searching for inspiring books for the group . . . . This book will be a great treasure to add to the treasure chest!

Kristin Kleppe, Psy.D.

"You and your presentation are such a gift! For a women's service organization like DAR whose objects include education and historic preservation, your program and your book couldn't be a more perfect complement.

I appreciate the time you took with our chapter to not only present an informative & engaging program but also the care & attention with which you answered the many questions that were posed to you. I hope you heard the dozens of excited compliments from our members!

Thank you for sharing your work with us! Please know you are welcome back anytime."

Blue Spruce Chapter, NSDAR

"What an enticing presentation. Your collaboration has created a truly beautiful, informative tome.

We wish to thank you for introducing the Arno Art Club to a fascinating tableau of American women. What talent, what heart, what courage, what love of mankind you have brought together to be shared.

It's a book everyone should read!"

Arno Art Club

“I finished the book today! I am sure I will reread it over and over. I got goosebumps after reading every page, but when I got to the years after my daughter was born, 1990, I began to choke up and get teary, to think there are firsts even in her generation! I had no idea! because no one until now has put such wonderful information in one book!

Well it even goes back to when I was born, the amazement, all along reading it actually, I so enjoyed it, as I said before I am telling everyone I know, about the book! My daughter is now in college, her first year, I told her, if she ever needs an idea for a paper, this book is a wonderful resource!!! I hope there will be another one!

I am going to contact my 88 year old aunt to get her story ; she went to work for Ford Motors as one of the first industrial nurses I imagine around 1940. I will let you know what I find out, thank you and Jill for doing this incredible book!"

Wendy Wason

"I am happy to tell you that last year originally we were hoping to buy a few copies of "Her Story" to give away as prizes, but we ended up asking for sponsorships from several local companies and we were able to order 220 copies of "Her Story" and every girl attending the conference received the book! We are hoping to buy them again for the girls this year and I cannot imagine a better conference than having the author of the book give the keynote address."

Jennifer Parsons
Robert Morris University

Congratulations on Her Story! It was the Tattered Cover's top pick for a holiday gift. It really is a wonderful addition to the story of women.

Eloise May
Arapahoe Library District