This site is dedicated to the bestselling HarperCollins book, Her Story: A Timeline of the Women Who Changed America by Charlotte Waisman and Jill Tietjen. The book and its authors have received numerous accolades and positive reviews, as well as having been featured in the news on a great many occasions.

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Her Story: A Timeline of the Women Who Changed America from Her Story U.S. on Vimeo.

Fun Facts

When Katharine Meyer Graham took over The Washington Post in 1953, she said “I had very little idea of what I was supposed to be doing, so I set out to learn. What I essentially did was to put one foot in front of the other, shut my eyes, and step off the edge.” For many years, she was the only female head of a Fortune 500 corporation.

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March 2018

March 6 – Bemis Public Library, Littleton, Co

April 2018

April 21 –  AAUW, Colorado Springs, CO

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Women's History ProjectThe authors created a content module around Her Story: A Timeline of the Women Who Changed America for the National Women’s History Project, includes CD-ROM, 6-page information unit and the book.

Click here to learn more.

Jill Tietjen blogs regularly for the Huffington Post. To read her blogs click here

Her Story is a vivid documentation of the breadth and diversity of American women's achievements throughout U.S. history. This one-of-a-kind illustrated timeline highlights the awesome, varied, and often unrecognized contributions of American women since the 1500s.

Sometimes you wonder if it’s all worth it – family, work, life, and how to stay sane. Get this: Women throughout U.S. history have shared the same struggle! As they struggled, they fought for the right to vote, own property, and custody of their children in divorce. By sharing the stories of women who came before us, today’s woman can draw inspiration and strength from the passion, determination, and persistence of the women on whose shoulders we stand. On the March 14, 2010 “Girlfriend We Gotta Talk!” radio show guests Charlotte Waisman and Jill Tietjen, co-authors of “HER STORY: A Timeline of Women Who Changed America,” shared some of the stories from such women. Click here to listen to the show in MP3 format.

Her Story Sets a Price Record at Silent Auction!

For the second year in a row, Her Story: A Timeline of the Women Who Changed America set a record for the highest multiple above market value for an item at the silent auction of the RMEL Foundation. In 2008, the autographed donated copy of the book went at the auction for $144.00. This year, the bidding was intense and two bidders came close to arm wrestling. In the end, the donated copy of the book went at the auction for $250.00. A second copy of the book will be donated so that the second highest bidder (at $150.00) can also receive an autographed copy.